Interviews are changing, they have changed.

The remote interview is no longer the outlier, it’s now the standard.

Over the phone interviews are being replaced by video interviews in your own living room with your family working in the background.

Sure you might still be getting those 4 – 7 hour take home coding interviews (another story in of itself) but for the most part you are not going in to have interviews in person.

What does this mean for you?

Is that committee of 5 people all going to sign in at once to stare down this one person?

And in that scenario, will the interviewee get to watch as people leave the room to go deal with their cat or answer an email?

Virtual Interviews change the game because you’re in a room where distractions are all around you at a time where you need to be supremely focused on what you are doing. The five person committee might not work if only two are asking all the questions and the other three are checking SLACK.

And don’t get me started on the coding tests.

Like everything remote, everything is changing, change with it.

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