I’ve become enamoured with this question after having it been asked of me.

Here’s the depressing part, I know the place per se, but can’t get there all the time (I can get there 15% out of the year, but that might even be a lot). So where do I go from here?

Well now that’s the fun part as I try to piece that together and find that magical place.

But one piece of odd creativity I have found in recent weeks is that I am thoroughly pumped up when I play very loud metal music while trying to draw. I don’t know what it is, perhaps that it blocks everything out, including every logical piece of my brain that tells me I’m doing the wrong thing and just gets me into that zone state that we all long for?

The same thing happens when programming, although for that I need 80s music on a constant loop.

Filling in part of the puzzle is the fun of it (or so I’m told).

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