I wrote this on Impostor Syndrome awhile ago. You know what it is right?

That feeling of being somewhere you don’t belong but wanting so bad to be there and yet you are filled with this feeling of not belonging and being found out… to be a… gasp… “Impostor”.

Among Us: the video game that has shot 100 million players into outer space  | Games | The Guardian

It’s incredibly reminiscent of the game “Among Us” where the goal of the game is to root out the Impostor (because they are trying to kill you).

As long as you aren’t malicious, misleading or lying to people, you’re not an Impostor, you’re simply learning, in the best way possible – by Catching Up.

And guess what, we’re all playing catch up, all the time, to markets, to other teams, to different products, to someone’s last post, to the code you just checked in or the test suite someone just put together.

You… are… always… playing catch up.

That doesn’t mean you’ll get there, because along the way you’ll have to make choices, you can be top at everything, so some things (i.e., my horrific tweeting at @codeyourwayup) will fall behind in place of other endeavours (trying to be a good leader, developing workshops, etc).

This is life, this is how it works, you can’t do everything and you will always be catching up to someone.

Breathe and Start.

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