There is a scene in any number of action movies where the new student tries to defeat their teacher and ultimately fails.

Then the teacher says – “Again” or “Begin” or “Start” – or anything to that ilk that forces the new student to dust themselves off, shake off whatever happened, and get back up and try it again.

In the beginning it starts with anger, the student is frustrated, but then, slowly it changes to acceptance, they see the cracks of success starting to shine through. They see pieces coming into view and then there is the breakthrough.

We never truly see everything that happens in the middle, all we see is the breakthrough.

But the only way they get that break through is because they started again.

These scenes would be that much better, that much more powerful when it happened, the entire team was there, the entire group, the entire class, because in that moment the student is learning to fail in front of everyone and not worry about what it looks like to others.

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