We are at a time in our lives where things are not going as great as we wish they would be (or maybe should have been).

Where we are working as hard as we can, doing everything we can to achieve one goal – staying safe.

And that one goal is falling by the wayside.

In the battle to see where we are at, we are checking the scale daily to see if we are going up or down or staying the same.

It’s the complete opposite of what you are supposed to do when trying to lose weight – checking the scale all the time, focusing only on the numbers and not your health and wellbeing.

On days like this, it’s hard not to feel beat down.

But that’s when you need to bottle up the good – the great meetings, the awesome team events, the funny emails – all of it, and bring it forth one more time.

And if not for you, for your team.

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