My level of anxiety, worry, spidey sense and big flashing red alarm warnings starts going off when I’m in the midst of a heavy presentation only to have someone at the back ask the following question.

“Is this the right template that we should be using?”

At that point, I want to stop presenting and look around the room to get a feel for what is being said. Is the “beauty and prettiness” of what is being presented more valuable than the function of what is actually being presented.

If everything else being presented was garbage would we be just as happy to take security and solace in the fact that the proper PowerPoint template was being used?

That’s scary if the answer is yes.

Here’s another question – if all your team cares about are the optics, how it looks, the visuals, the display more than what is being presented, the content itself.

Then you have a problem on the horizon that could suffocate you when it comes to the surface.

If you don’t believe me, ask Tommy Boy about Guarantees (a little more blunt then me).

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