I wrote this post on the Impostor Syndrome a while back and was trying about my thoughts on being an Impostor in general and helped me get out of it.

When I look back, the moment I stopped thinking about it, was the moment I stopped thinking about it, or rather didn’t have the time to think about it and all I could do was work.

Whatever happened from there was outside of my control and a the very least I would learn more to take to the next opportunity.

In short, I assumed the following stance;

We only consider ourselves Impostors when we are trying to figure out what to do.  Once we start doing “something” we forget whether we are the Impostor because we are focused on the plan, of delivering and moving towards a goal.

It might not be perfect, it might need some tweaking and it might be hard to hear the first time. But that’s when I stopped thinking about it, at exactly the same time where I started doing something about it.

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