Vacation, for me, was always book ended with a day of decompression on the first day of vacation and a day of preparation on the last day of vacation.

The decompression was to get out all the remaining thoughts I had in my head as to what was going on at work, while the preparation was the day/night before to go through emails and get myself ready for what will be coming my way.

In my first vacation as since, I have found that the decompression has taken an extra day or two to completely filter out while the preparation I will wait for the day back to start going through things.

It’s an odd turn of events and one where I look at the complete, total amount of vacation I actually have an use (considering I’m going nowhere as well) – the goal is to stay off devices and computers as much as possible – I give myself a few hours for writing and other endeavours and other than that I’m out doing as many other things as possible.

In this case, the vacation is no longer to go somewhere and experience something, it’s to get away from something and have a break from it. Wherever that get away point is, that is what we are needing.

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