I wanted to find a way to have a team event that wasn’t going to be repetitive from what we had had recently.

We’d done the Take Out Tuesday and the odd drinks but those were just a few people chatting. This needed to be for 30+ people who I wanted to have a good laugh and also very much pat them on the back for the great work that they had been doing.

What I came up with was a game of – “How well do you know your team?” – with the wink being towards how long we had all been working remotely. The gist was – we’ve all worked together, remotely, for so long, let’s see how well everyone has been listening.

Here were the rules I started out with.

And here is a complete walkthrough of the whole event – https://www.upsidedownoffice.com/podcast/team-activities-in-the-remote-world

Note: The event went off without a hitch, everyone had a great time (and some much, well deserved laughs).

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