Many articles are starting to pop up now regarding how the workplace of 2022 and beyond will look different.

More people will work remote with no more afterthoughts tied to that option.

“Do you really think you can lead the team remotely?”

“How much work will you get done?”

“How will we check in with you?”

“What if need to have a meeting and we’re not all in the same room?”

These questions (and many more have melted away). What traditionally would have taken many years to try and to do via proof of concepts, small office trials, localized implementations, etc, etc we have all done on masse.

We have all done all at once, together as a world.

There are still barriers to overcome (i.e., what if I don’t have an internet connection, how do I contribute and have the trust that I am contributing then)?

It’s not a “could be” different game anymore, it’s an “IS” game happening right now.

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