You can write code to do anything you want.

That’s the beauty of software development, you can write code to do anything you want. As in drawing, whatever you can imagine, you have the potential to go through all the ups and downs, research, google searching and everything else to try and make whatever is in your head a reality.

That’s the beauty of it.

When someone asks you (as invariably happens to every single software developer) you can write code for them as well.

From here there are two paths you can then go down…

  1. You can start writing code the way you did before, which is doing whatever you want, in your head and then presenting it to the user and going – “here I hope you like it”.
  2. Or you can ask them what they want, listen to what they say and go build that.

From my own experience, #2 is what will always make you that much more successful.

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