Now more than ever, silos are on the rise.

After a year of being physically separated, the toll is starting to take shape on your team.

They might not have intended for it, but it’s happening, they are unnaturally forming silos.

“I only work with these three people, I haven’t talked to this person in two months” where before they would see them every day and see the work they were doing and have quick chats on it.

Work is being assigned in a tactical and transactional nature to get the work done and not collaborate with each other.

It happens, it might have happened accidentally, that’s alright, it’s not about blame, it’s about making it better.

Next time you are assigning work or figuring what goes into the next sprint, do with everyone in the room, sure it might not be the most efficient, but it might be what your team needs to hear everyone talking to each other and start batting ideas back and forth.

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