Right now, at this moment, you will have a few meetings that will be remote today.

You will have to convey your ideas from a box.

The more people that are added to the meeting, the smaller that box will become and the greater the work to convey your message from that box will become.

You can try talking over the speaker, but those days are long gone. We’ve all had a year of that and we know it doesn’t work.

The same powerpoint template that everyone has seen from everyone else?

The same action items for what needs to be done and done again and again?

If everyone is doing this, you’re not breaking out of the box, you’re playing in it with everyone else.

Some ideas (some of which I’ve done, some of which I haven’t);

  • High-Five yourself when someone gives you a compliment (always gets a laugh, you’re alone, who else are you going to high-five)
  • Forget the agenda and play intro music as you start to talk
  • Don’t go through a slide deck, but have one slide, that never changes, that states exactly what you want to accomplish in this meeting
  • Get dressed up or down, whichever is the opposite of you
  • Start off by hyping up each person as they enter the conference call – “yes we got David here”

The whole point of breaking out of the box is to jar people from the box and then move forward with whatever energy you created and carry it into your meeting.

You’ve been doing this for over a year, it’s time to shake it up and try something new.

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