On a new project, it’s easy to get rolled over by the tsunami of requests and requirements coming your way. Priority is becomes a game of “what isn’t a 1”?

A simple way to approach this with your team is to start with three buckets;

Have, Need, Want.

Any requirement discussed has to go into one of those buckets, there is no fourth bucket.

Each bucket is represented as follows;

Have – we can’t go out the door or show previews to our customers without these features.

Need – These are very important if not there, it won’t be great. They add value to the project.

Want – These are the polish, these are the things that will make the project beautiful and pristine like we know what we are doing.

Further translated – Haves are your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Needs are what will satisfy a larger audience, Wants are the icing on the cake that will get people talking.

You need a mix of each in every project (it’s not all 1s, 2s and 3s) if you want to hit all those points (and you do want to hit those points).

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