Odd title, but it’s coming, you know it’s coming.

At some point in the future you’ll receive an email that says – “Everyone back in, it’s time to go back to the way things were”.

You know that mail is coming, and you know when it does you’re going to look at all you’ve accomplished and go – “but I like working remote”.

I know myself, the first day I’m back in the car, stuck in traffic, I’m going to be wishing I was working from home.

Before the “Greate Remote Experiment of 2020”, I worked a hybrid balance of remote/on-site. Three days remote, two days on-premise (depending on the client) and it was great. I got that balance of seeing people and being able to focus on work.

You might not want to stay fully remote, but there are some things you know you are going to want to keep because it adds so much to your own personal worklife balance.

So get ready, because the next battle is coming.

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