In every team I lead, I try to isolate what our core values are.

There are some values that go without saying that I carry with me. Tenets I think that every team should simply have; honesty, trust, open communication – these are always key for me.

But beyond that, I always like to ask myself – “What kind of team do we want to be when we grow up?” – and from there I get into our values, what values matter and what do we need to add to the mix.

I think about those questions and what answers I have, and then I take the next step, I find the team and I sit them down and I ask them the same question – “What kind of team do we want to be when we grow up?”

And from there we do the same exercise.

We take into account such things as skill, technical delivery, business domain, threats, strengths, we run the entire gamut of questions.

And we hone in on what our values should be and how we need to emulate those values.

Because at that the end of the day, those values are what we want to permeate every single interaction we have with our stakeholders, other teams and our customers.

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