At the first sound of a new meeting, there is a sigh (not of relief) but of dread. Another block of time in your day is taken up by a discussion of sorts that may or may not lead to something productive.

Over the past year, we’ve been inundated with meetings that have given them the worst name than they already had before.

At the first sound of a huddle, your immediate thought is – “What”s that? Is that the sports thing where they come up with a plan and do something?” That sounds cool? Yeah, let’s do a huddle.

Truth is, both are one and the same, both are tools for use and forward-thinking productivity.

The problem with our meetings is that we have been placing our hope for their improvement and success in the hands of technology, structure, and process, whereas in the world we live in, we should be putting these critical conversations into the hands of the people that know what to do with them and are designed for inherent action.

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