Yes, having a process is good, it’s needed

It’s what is going to make you a success and enable you to build a repeatable system that you can accrue economies of scale from.

At the end of the day, that is the heart of a process, that is the reason we implement it – to get better.

A process is the equivalent of a well-run practice designed to get you to learn a particular technique over and over again and make you get better at it.

But you can’t hide behind it.

You can’t hide behind the process when things go badly.

“Well, the process said…”

“We did exactly as the process consultants laid out…”

“We followed the process book…”

No one… cares.

What they care about is what you did with the process, that you knew when to follow it and when to act on your own, and to implement the decisive actions they followed you through.

The greatest accomplishments were not because a process was followed, they were achieved because a process was implemented, learned, tweaked, and changed when the time came.

The road will never be clear, that’s why you’re the driver and not the process.

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