They do, they always will.

Sorry, you can’t beat them (am I really sorry)?

The other day I had to review a list of client requirements and get together with them for a bunch of questions to figure out what was what.

To date, everyone’s been sharing documents on a screen and we slowly plod through them as we make comments, discuss format, add in pieces, re-add in pieces.

This is the new world of collaboration.

For this particular meeting, I printed it all out, I marked it up on my own and what I needed to do. The next hour was the most efficient hour that we had put together in the entire project, it walked through everything end to end. In one hour, we went through the notes on 3 documents and countless workflows.

My notetaking and chicken scratch markup isn’t what made it work, sometimes to collaborate you need to keep it simple to get the most out of what you are doing.

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