As we start to crest the remote wave, hybrid offices, people staying remote, pay equity changes are starting to become the topics du jour.

There is no more talk of New Normal or Now Normal, it’s now going to be about the “Next Normal”. And the Next Normal has the potential to take away all the great things that we have done with remote over the past year and make them hurt.

A few things to remember when your team is working remotely;

  • A green icon doesn’t mean they are actually present (or working)
  • People should be paid what they are worth, not paid for where they live (among many other reasons for pay equity).
  • Keep the barriers to accessibility down, don’t put them back up again.
  • Keep investing in their remote offices – it doesn’t have to be much but you do buy new “stuff” every year for the office.
  • Yes, you can still have fun when everyone is spread out.
  • Find the best people, wherever they are.

And there are so many, many more (the TikToks about remote work-life or so much funnier than the ones about the office).

Don’t screw up which you spent so much time growing over the past year.

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