At a new job, new project, we all need help to get started and figure out what we’re actually supposed to do.

“What is this bug? What am I suppose to do with it? Where is the code? How does it work?”

In the back of my head, I’ve always had a hidden evaluation metric running where I want to see how far you can get to after Step 1.

Do you go from Step 1 to 2 before asking for more help?

Do you go from Step 1 to 5 before asking for more help?

Do you go all the way to Step 8?

All of this of course taking into consideration the elapsed time between steps, but generally, if I see someone go from Step 1 to Step 8, even if there are mistakes made in between – I know there is something good here and something that can be grown to lead not only themselves but others.

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