Years ago, I was building a new deck, and there was a curve in the wood. It wasn’t perfect, it was pretty obvious and in my inexperience, I thought we could cover it up with deck boards.

I was wrong, it would have looked horrible.

Thankfully I had my father-in-law to set me straight. We then proceeded the next 2 hours unscrewing it, hammering, jacking it, doing whatever we could to gain leverage and bend that curve.

By the time we were done, it looked 1000% better and the final result would not have been as good if we didn’t do it.

All that to say, sometimes you need to take the hard step back, the step that is going to slow down your project in the short term, but make it stronger in the long term.

It’s a hard call, it’s one you’ll need to stand in front of people to make, but if it’s the right one, you need to make it.

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