I like the idea of auto-updates, when enabled, nothing gets left behind.

The days of – “oh wait, you haven’t updated your server for the last five months” – are no longer conversations we need to have.

I remember doing those “patch” nights where we would sit there and talk while someone patched the next server, then the next one, then waited for the next round of updates to come down, so we could do the next one, then the next one, and on and on.

Auto-Updates are great, as long as they always work and self-correct when there are errors.  I.e., base functionality shouldn’t be broken in an upgrade.  I have my blog set to auto-update but more times than not in the last few months, I have to go in and do something thereafter or go read a blog about how some core functionality is not compatible or stare at a white screen waiting for something to happen.

Auto-updates cannot break core functions.

Blizzard implemented this years and years ago when they realized how fundamental updates were going to be to their ongoing success.

Be like Blizzard when it comes to understanding your core services and delivery.

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