When people were absolutely fed up with a meeting, they would physically get and leave the room.

That was a sign, a sign that the meeting was so far gone that there was no point in continuing.  It was a physical action and reaction that made people pause and wonder what just happened.

We don’t have that in remote meetings.

People are always disconnecting – because connections everywhere are strained.

People are always turning their video off – because there are kids and family running in the background.

People mute themselves – because they are trying to get a bite between calls.

At no time are we recognizing that someone is leaving the meeting for the same reason as the above?  But they still are, only now they are withdrawing and pulling away.

The cue is still there to stop, take a pause, realize what is going wrong and do something about it.  Once you recognize the cue, you can push your team to pause what they are doing so they can move forward with it.

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