When you’ve made the decision somewhere you have a few options in front of you..

  1. Leave in a Blaze of Glory – let everyone know you’re leaving, you’re fed up, they should have listened to you and now they’ll regret.
  2. Stop doing Everything and Anything – collect your paycheck, let them see what happens when you aren’t doing anything.
  3. Set them up for Success – you know there is going to be a hole where you used to be (c’mon, it’s you) so set them up for success, help them get better, they might not listen to you, but that’s on them, not you.

No matter the reason that you’re leaving, I think we all cycle through these emotions when deciding to leave a place of employment, irrespective of how long we have been there.

The important part is that we land on #3, it’s not about how you want to be remembered but how you want to remember how you left it.

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