What is it that you deliver to your customers?  Your team?  Your CEO?  Your clients?

Writing code, building test cases, writing requirements – those aren’t what you deliver – they are the output of what you deliver.

Here are some ideas of what you can deliver (written in the I format)

  • I deliver scalable, performant solutions.
  • I deliver software that takes a licking, keeps on ticking, and comes back to life when everything around it fails.
  • I deliver teams that can build anything.
  • I deliver guidance, mentoring, coaching to junior team members so they can one day lead this company.

You might be tempted to change the “deliver” to “do” but no one “does” scalable solutions, we deliver it.

And if you’re trying to explain it to a client, everyone knows what deliver means – you start, you work through it, and you finish – but it’s easier to say deliver.

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