Last Days of employment right now must be a bit problematic.  Chances of that team lunch that stretches into the evening aren’t happening.  That last chat with your manager where the two of you bare your souls and talk about the future is happening over a zoom call where you wave goodbye to each other (or not at all).

Are you even handing in your equipment or shipping it off three weeks later with some label on it to an office where no one is at?

What about knowledge transfer?  Is it happening or do we simply think it is happening?

It’s never great when someone leaves, but it is life, they outgrow and decide they want/need a new challenge.

If someone is leaving your team, make it memorable, even remotely.  This person, however long they were with you, just weathered the worst two years of employment in the last twenty years.  You might not be able to shake your head, but I can guarantee there is something you can to make sure they know how much you appreciated them.

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