Because now you have all this other stuff to deal with that two days ago you didn’t have to do.

Now things need putting together, patching and updating.

Now your time is being pulled in different directions as everyone wants their piece delivered first but you are only one person.

And of course, you have your own list of goods you want to work on.

So the question is – where do you start?

You could start with the riskiest or go to the quick wins to make the list shorter?  You could go with the stuff that costs the most or the cheapest?

There are many ways you could go and that’s why your team is looking to you for the answer.

Because you’re the leader, you’re their leader, and they’re looking to you for guidance and direction.  Apply the ranking and formula that makes sense, have a reason for it, and then move forward.

No one said being a leader would be easiest, we just said it would be worth it.


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