I spent a number of hours on the phone, email, and chat with a company I’ve worked with for years trying to get a simple answer to a basic question.  I even had my account representative call me out of the blue and tell me they are here for me if I need any help.

I did need help, but they didn’t look at my account to see there was an open case.

I updated the case three days in a row (the last day primarily just to ask if anyone was there).

After the final online chat that went nowhere, I dug deeper into the product, it was such a basic, trivial thing, but everyone I was speaking to didn’t know how to do it.

Then I found it, I found what I was looking for and it was exactly it.

If you’re building a product, if you’re supporting it, make sure you know it.  And if you are building tools for people to come to you to ask questions, make sure you respond to them.

It’s the bare minimum.

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