It doesn’t matter if it’s remote or in-person, what you need remains the same.

  1. Someone who knows the score – someone who knows where the work is in the development stream, what is coming up and what is on deck.  The best people, use data to back the conversation – boards, reports, queries
  2. Someone to ask the tough questions – where are you at, are you stuck, do you need help, what’s taking extra time
  3. Someone to keep the team on point – conversations about the weekend happen after the standup, respect people’s time, everyone has other things happening in life
  4. Someone who can follow up with the discussion – does someone on your team need help?  Are there actions that need to be looked at throughout the rest of the day?  Don’t let them slip through the cracks.

It’s not about how fast you can blaze through it, it’s about taking the right actions in the time you have and making it the most productive interaction your team has for that entire day.

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