Update Meetings are not the easiest.

Whether you’re an attendee or a presenter, there is always something missing, it’s never what you want to hear (but perhaps someone else does) and there is always some critical piece of information “missing” that must be discussed today.

But the greatest problem with Update Meetings is that they are scheduled, recurring and pre-ordained, so even when we don’t have an update, we have to get into a room and fill the meeting space and void with an update that simply might not exist, or be good enough to exist.

It’s this void that we then seek to fill with “extra stuff” that then convolute what we are doing and why we are doing it, muddying the waters of the work that just moments before was fine.

If you don’t need an update meeting, don’t have it, give your team the time to continue working and let everyone know – we don’t always need one.

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