There is no quick way to create a new process – no shortcuts or missed steps to be taken.

But the hardest part is having faith in the process when you don’t know where it is going to end and you don’t know what the steps are.

This doesn’t mean you are kept in the dark – maybe you know the milestones and that’s as far as it goes – maybe there are sub-points that you know and those you don’t.

It doesn’t mean the planners of the process haven’t mapped them out, it means they are trying to see which path you are going to go down and what they can toss out and what they need to keep.

The process itself is unfolding based on the team that is a part of it, and the team is what will decide the next steps.

TLDR – Processes are built to evolve, even when they are being introduced.

And sometimes, you have to faith (not blind) that the process will get you there.


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