Funnels are a numbers game.  You start at the top where it is wide and get as much high-level interest as you can.  The more the merrier, if it overflows, that’s perfect because the goal is to keep that top of the funnel full.

Then it trickles down to the spout, you weed out what doesn’t matter until you get customers coming out the bottom.

It’s a weird analogy because if you look at any funnel, as long as you don’t overflow it, everything goes down the funnel – all the water will eventually go down the spout.

If you wait long enough.

Polypropylene Funnels - Cole-Parmer Canada

That’s the problem with funnels, the bigger they get, the more overloaded they get, they take longer to get to the bottom of the spout as you wait for things to pass.

I’m sure some would agree, but there has to be a better funnel than – “hit lots of numbers and hope within those numbers are some qualified hits that make waiting for it go through worth it”.

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