I was working on a problem the other day with my Azure tenant.  It wasn’t so much a problem as I was trying to find something – going through menus, searching for services (that the vendor no longer offered) – when I was prompted to fill out a survey and rate my service with Azure.

At that point in time – zero.

The only use my phone home has these days is to be picked up, have someone try and get me to answer a survey as quickly as they can before I hang up.

After speaking with someone for 1 minute on a call, I receive follow-up emails to provide them a review on how they did.

The thing about surveys (which has always been) is people only reply to them when they have time and sadly, many of us are short on that.

If your agent can resolve my issue in under a minute, then they did an AMAZING job, you don’t need a survey – they did great – give them the bonus.

If I’m on your cloud tenant doing work – you won, I’m saying – don’t interrupt me while I’m trying to help a customer.  Come up with something better (and not a pop-up).

And if you’re calling my house, read the room, we don’t answer.

The problem with surveys is that we are offloading the most important question we should be asking ourselves to our customers because it’s easier for them to answer than for us to do it.

The question – “How are we doing?”

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