Leveling up in Video Games is pretty easy.

They give you a progress bar, you gain experience, when you hit the next level you’re there – maybe they give you some kind of bonus or tool or trick or something.

But you get the idea, it’s a known quantity – you work towards a metric and then boom level up.

It doesn’t happen like that in life, because we don’t know where the next level is.  We are constantly searching for it.

It gets frustrating because we never know when we’re going to reach that “next level” and instead we keep striving and pushing for something else because we don’t think we’re there.

It’s taken a while but when I have those exact moments of “oh, I’m not there, this is where I need to be” that’s when I tell myself – you reached the next level, but now the game has changed and the next level is going to be even harder to get to.

It’s a simple reminder because it’s not a video game where I have a counter telling me I only need another 100,000 XP.

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