As a leader, you need to deliver.

You need to get things done and you do that through your team.  They are the indirect conduits to your success.

You need to engage in motivation, inspiration, mentorship, and coaching.  You need to lead the way by jumping in and helping with bugs they don’t need to be doing and leaving the juicy stuff for them to work on.

It gets hectic, super hectic – mid-project when everyone is struggling to see the finish line or end project when we are trying to make sure that we’re shipping the best project – it’s not easy.

But those two moments (and many more), when stress is high when we aren’t sure what to do, are the moments when you need to listen to your team the most.  Those moments are when they need you the most, and in those moments is when you need to stop what you are doing and listen to them.

Not talk to them, not placate them, not tell them how they have it wrong.

But listen, hear their concerns, don’t offer solutions, just listen.

Sometimes all they are looking for is someone to listen to.  In that moment, they don’t want solutions, that can come tomorrow or the next day.

Today, it’s about listening.

So hear them out.

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