You can’t skip days being a farmer.

If you want to sell food at the market in September, you need to till the soil in April, plant in May, water and tend throughout June and July, and pick in August.

I most likely have some of the actions and durations mistaken, but you get the picture.

You can’t show up in August and do all those things that you should have done months before and expect it to be as good as if you had followed the plan to build up to the big sale in September.

Some vegetables would be smaller, some might not even be edible, you might not even have completed certain crops.

And then what?

I’m a procrastinator at heart.  To this day, I leave critical things to end, sometimes it’s my best work but that’s because those things that I leave to the end are where I can apply by “procastinatorial skillset” to be successful at them.

But there are other things that I can’t lump into this category – like leading a team, like learning a new programming language, like hiring people – or any other activity that is built around time and repetition to be successful in.

Know what you can push off, so you can focus on the activities that require the effort today, for you to succeed tomorrow.

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