The hidden list is the one we all have at the back of our heads, in the dark recesses of our minds where we are all trying to work things out.  All those nasty bugs and issues that have laid waste to our systems that we don’t store in JIRA and DevOps and instead we let them take up space in our minds until it beats us down because we are so consumed by the weight of what is and isn’t being tracked.

There is a solution to the Hidden List.

Write it down, put it in JIRA, put it in DevOps, create a ticket, create bugs, create tons of bugs, who cares how many you create.

Just create them and get them out of your head.

Because once out of your head, they are in the system, and once in the system, everyone can see them and chime into them, and once everyone can see them, then they can schedule them and we can move forward and fix them.

But we can’t do them when they are hidden.

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