I’ve been doing some plumbing work it’s been driving me nuts how many different connections there are between different taps, connectors, pipes, and diameters and then there are all the materials and how you work to connect them all.

It feels as though I’m trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together in the hopes that I’m going to get the perfect alignment to happen but the fun part is, you can’t test it at all until everything is together, it’s impossible, literally impossible (unless you want water to be everywhere all over you and your house).

So you have to plan, you have to think forward, you have to lay it out, and you have to run through scenarios in your mind to get it to work.

And then?

It still might not work, there is water everywhere, and you have to do it again.

But when it does work, when do you get all the connections to line up?

Then it’s magic, and it’s beautiful.


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