What to do, what to do when you are only half completed the work in a story and you’re at the end of a Sprint.

There are two schools of thought here.

  1. Move the Story to the next Sprint.
  2. Split the remaining work into the next sprint.

I generally opt for Number 2, when you do Number 1, all you are doing is shoveling the work to a different corner of the room hoping it’s going to get down and not realizing what might be the problem, is that the work left to do isn’t the entire story.  When you split it the first time, invariably there will be more tasks that will arise from this work because we will start thinking of all the extra pieces left to do.  The work itself might actually extend another 2 – 3 sprints because of unaccounted for components we never thought of (GREAT).

On the plus side, it also makes Azure DevOps and JIRA very happy because we are not discombobulating our numbers over what the team truly accomplished versus what was simply dragged along for the ride.

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