Software is changing fast and the docs are not keeping up.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, going back to when I first started programming when all I had were a litany of books spread out across my desk and that’s the only place where the answers existed.

Because you know, no blogs were out there.

But now, programming languages are changing so fast, code is being pumped out at unprecedented rates and we don’t know what works or where it works.

I spent two days last week looking to answer a base question with a very simplistic solution.  In some cases, I had a call with an expert where they didn’t have the answer and then had to begin the search for someone “who might know”.

Forget the question itself, they were just trying to find the person.

We’re no longer searching for docs, we’re searching for tidbits to string along into a concept of what we want to achieve.

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