Where companies struggle in their adoption of Agile is that they implement it within a small area of the company where they learn to do it really well.  They get good at it and they get into a rhythm of what they are doing.

They have tweaked the idea of Agile to meet their needs and goals and they have a system that is working and moving products and code out the door.

What they don’t have is a way to translate the rest of the company’s previous Waterfall mindset of – deliver on this date, what is the percent complete, what groups are done, etc, etc – that were old questions for delivery into the new methods that they are applying.

This becomes the gap between the two that the group working with agile ignore because, – hey they are grinding out code and things are going great – and the group that is used to waterfall thinks – hey this is their show, they just need to plug numbers into our old way to doing things and off we go.

Both are wrong, both must resolve the gap to make it an actual success.

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