I can’t say, I have always been someone that has followed patterns and framework implementations to the letter, rather using their approaches to development work.

But there are some that I lean on heavily and come back to when thinking about building solutions, no matter the purpose;

  • Leverage queues where possible – offload your work into bite-size deliveries that take the work off the middle-end.
  • Scale out your Databases – you don’t need one and what’s more important, don’t combine functions within tables, keep them isolated.
  • Leverage Design Patterns – they are a great foundation in any aspect of development.
  • Don’t Code for Tomorrow – you don’t know the future, so why code for it?
  • Code Coverage in Testing Matters – if your unit tests look pretty but only account for 25% of your work, what are they doing?
  • Leverage your Platform as much as possible – don’t recode what is already there for you, you focus on the good stuff.
  • Know how people will use your app – not how you want them to use it.

There are probably more, but when faced with a new coding problem, this is where my mind goes when starting design.


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