This is always going to happen, someone will not always agree with what you are saying, what you are proposing, what you know to be the right path based on experience and implementation, or maybe just all the work you’ve put into it.

You could be the greatest expert in the room and they still won’t listen to you (Even when they say teach us).

You might have the whole room on board except for one person that doesn’t get it or doesn’t have it jive with their worldview of how things are supposed to go and they refuse to relent.

Walking away from these scenarios is difficult, which is why you then need to put your effort towards working with the team that does agree with you.

You can’t change everyone and if that’s the case, forcing your energy into that one person means you are ignoring the whole team throughout the entire process and they aren’t getting to see the best of you.

Don’t fall into that trap because of one person.

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