It’s quite possible you are.

You see a job title that entices you, a description that makes you go – “I could do that” – and you apply to it.

Then you sit down in the interview, realize it’s not what you want, and wonder why you are wasting your time.

Or you go through the interview, ignore the red flags, take the job and wonder why you are wasting your time.

So how did this happen?  In the same way, it’s been happening for years on years on years.

You let someone else define the job that you want.  You let someone else outline what the minimum skills required are and what you need to do to be good at them.

Before applying for your next job, written on a board somewhere, take a moment and figure out the job that you want to do, where you want to do it, what it is you want to accomplish to get out of it, how you will grow from doing it and most importantly, how long you think you will be able to do it before you want to move on.

You won’t find every job (or perhaps any) that lines up with it, but you will know what you are after, what to go for and what to avoid moving forward and that’s the start you need.

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