When what you are working on gets stale, uninspired, and never changing, it’s easy to get discouraged that “nothing” will get better and the only way to break out of the monotony of it all is to start looking elsewhere.

Generally, when we do this we are racing somewhere else for a quick fix to get that change and break the cycle as quickly as possible, before monotony sets in again.

It’s why starting new projects is so vibrant and exciting but getting them across the finish line is a shore within itself and fraught with ups and downs.

Before you take that leap somewhere else for the sake of something new, think about what you can do within your current environment and what you have gained so much goodwill from.

Adopt a new library.

Refactor some code.

Propose new designs and patterns.

Take a new approach to meetings.

Present your Team Update in a different way.

There are many ways to Break the Monotony without making a change for the sake of making a change.


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