If you’re starting a new role and unsure of it, the best thing to do is ask what you should be doing.

If you’re given a list of 15 things you should be doing now, this instance, this moment realizes that can’t happen – so rank them and pick the top 5.

Of those Top 5 identify what you need to do be good at them, how much do you need to put into them, what do you need from others, are there extra resources you’ll require – keep asking yourself questions until you’ve feel like you’ve asked all you can at this stage.

If you want to bounce some ideas off of someone re: your approach, go for it but aim for feedback and not validation, feedback helps you grow.

When you have all of that in place, start, start doing a few of those things and chipping away at the pile.  If the pile gets to be too big, break it down some more until it’s manageable and keep working at it.

Periodically check in for feedback and to show what progress you’re making that will allow others to see what you are working towards, hopefully giving you space to continue on.

All that to say, you generally just need to start, because the more you do today is the less you did yesterday and the foundation for what you can accomplish tomorrow.  And the more you do, the more confident you will become.

It’s when we don’t do anything that we don’t feel confident in our role, but that’s because we haven’t started.

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