My favourite part of Remotely Prepared was the Cold Opens.  I saw them almost as these little microblogs that got the idea out to everyone as to what we were to discuss and had them interested to stay for the rest of the show.

It’s why they are used so heavily in TV, if you can grab the audience in 30 seconds, they’ll stay for the remaining hour to see what happens.  If we apply this to our sales pitches, our conversations, our code, our meetings, and everything we do – then we spend more time on the message we are trying to deliver without it being a static agenda or list of bullet points – it becomes an enticement for more.

Definitely not easy to do and they definitely take time to get them right, but when you do get them right and you do hit that audience that wants to hear what’s next.

Then it’s magic, then it’s unstoppable.

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