New Teams are always fun – and when I say fun I mean that cues up two immediate emotions.

“Yes, let’s do this.” – ready to jump on a call and meet.

“Yes, let’s do this.” – teeth chattering, worried about what that first call will be.

Both are excited, one a little more nervous than the other which is key to identifying as a leader as this helps to develop your approach to the team meetings that you will have.

Every leader is different, and every reason for the team is different so in those initial moments of newness, all you can control is yourself and what you bring to the table of being on the new Team.

No one is looking for a flash in the pan or a smooth talker, what they are looking for is what got you to this seat – your skills, your consistency, your initiative, drive, and leadership – be confident in these skills – they are what will set you apart at that first meeting with everyone together, they are what matter most.

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