We all have meetings and they aren’t going anywhere.

Status meetings, Standup Meetings, Townhall Meetings, Update Meetings, Meetings for the Meetings, Meetings that maybe could have been emails, New Announcement Meetings, Interview Meetings, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on.

And when it comes to your team being involved in meetings there are only two questions you should always be asking yourself.

  1. Are they getting something out of this meeting? i.e., are they contributing OR are they coding away on something else?
  2. Do they know what the follow-up from the meeting is?

If you aren’t engaged in a meeting, you’re not creating value, and you’re not getting anything out of it, so it’s time to go.

If you don’t know what the outcome of the meeting is (i.e., what happens next), then this is probably a good reason not to have the meeting and for you to bail out.

We have meetings with people who care about what comes next and the goal to accomplish that work – if that’s not happening with your team, save them some grief and tell them they don’t need to attend.

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